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How to make your competition Irrelevant

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Dedicated to Chartered Accountants, Web Developers, Dentists, Travel consultants, SEO agencies, Graphic designers and many start ups to make your competition Irrelevant

Picture this, how to make your competition Irrelevant

Turn on your TV, Smart TV, YouTube, Radio, laptop and watch all ads going by.

Then look at all the ads in the newspapers, magazines and hoardings on the road.

What did you see?

Do you see 2 bottles of Coca cola with a price tag and a punch line “ Buy”?

Do you hear a 500 gm of Surf which announces the price and says “Buy it”?


The millions of ads that we have seen in our lifetime and would the millions we would see till our last breath, sell us using stories.

Human brains especially the right part of it likes to be stimulated and manipulated with imagery.

Hence to sell a 500g of Surf you world need a grandmother, buying vegetables with her grandson and the 10 rupee note falls down, the boy goes to pick it up, gets dirty and then the punchline, “stains are good”.

All this to sell a pack of detergent powder.

And all this within 25 seconds of your eyeball time.

If a giant like Hindustan Unilever who has billions of dollars in their marketing war chest can take so much of effort to sell you a detergent powder, why shouldn’t you sell your services using Your own Story?

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Now read this.

(One of the 1000s Whatsapp, Email and Facebook messenger messages I get.)

“The reason we approach you is

Website Designing Services

1. Responsive Website Design & Development

2. eCommerce Website Development

3. Mobile App Development (android & iOS)

4. Custom Desktop based / Web Based Application Development

5. CRM / ERP Implementation & Customization

6. HR Payroll

7. GST Ready Accounting Software

PM or Contact : xxxx6758

  • *Serious Enquires Please**

Sorry but I feel, this is vomit of words.

This is not a pitch. This is a repellent.

Business without any imagination is labour”

Humans love stories hence JK Rowling is a mega billionaire and the entertainment industry worldwide is worth trillions.

Now try the below.

Building the frame

But a story from a Services Business or startup perspective should have You and Your journey as the central characters.

Your solutions and customer should blend in next.

Comparatively a story according to my new mentor Ted, should have 2 parts. 1. Authenticity and 2. Credibility.

Authenticity is again broken up into 1. The call 2. A Pit moment 3. Search and 4. Breakthrough

Now build the story

Read this and feel free to copy this.

I took less than 5 minutes to write this sales copy for a web designing agency struggling with their sales.

“ Ever since I was 16, I loved technology and wondered how websites are made. ( The Call)

Then I saw most websites were ugly and didn’t engage me. They were dull and had poor design.

The worst part is people didn’t consider a well designed website as an asset to their business. (The Pit Moment)

After all my friends and I decided to start a web designing company so that we can give the best to businesses. Basically we wanted to let people know that a website is no more an option. It’s a need. (The Search)

Now since the last 5 years we at True Design are on a “ no-ugly- sites” mission. After all we want to have the most beautiful yet the most effective business websites designed for our customers. (The breakthrough moment)

If you need just need a website designed visit any web designing company.

However If you want your business to grow, see how we have helped more than 30 of our customers at (The credibility section)”

Get creative. Now.

Put the above in an email, use this in your meetings with clients.

And then condense it into something like “ we save the world from ugly websites” as your elevator pitch.

Lot of people thought the template is a tad long.

Yes it’s long if you want to add non relevant details.

Try reading it and speaking this, you can wrap it under 3 minutes. Bet!


Take your customers on a journey that they can relate to.

They start building trust because you come across as authentic and they also have proof of your credibility.

Leading with services and pricing is suicidal and drags you down to a commodity.

Now you can’t complain that people don’t want to pay for your services.

Tell your story and tell it well.

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Author bio: Karmesh Ghosh, is Sales professional; has been hustling, and closing deals for the past 1.5 decades. Avid reader and loves foreign language movies. Writes on sales and marketing strategies for small and medium businesses. Currently, lives in Mumbai. Loves food and fast bikes.

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