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Making Sales and Marketing Work Together

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“We are an early stage startup in Gen AI. Both founders are tech guys. Karmesh helped us understand a lot of marketing and sales aspects for B2B. He helped us build a solid strategy, starting with techniques to do competitor analysis, understanding the right pricing for our product, and connecting us with prospective customers. One of the big aha moments was when Karmesh also helped us understand the opportunity for low ticket revenue streams to support us during the long B2B sales cycle.” .
Keeping the tradition going, here are 3 testimonials from your 3 students. Thank you @⁨Karmeish Ghosh⁩ for the journey from a Salesperson to a Growth Consultant. "Thanks for being the Tool Guru and blowing our minds!" - Nupur "Thank you for being the most calm & supportive sales coach ever." - Ameya "Thank you for teaching us the difference between a driver and a chauffeur. Only guy who can make sales so cool." - Nikita
Sameer Bhambere
Founder, Lemon Yellow Designs
“Karmesh's knowledge in sales is an ocean.

The best thing about Karmesh is that he never fails to help and is always there for suggestions and inputs. His approach of going depth rather than going wide was something which gave us a breakthrough in terms of our target market.”
It was really nice speaking with you. Opened the reviewing about our team & which business & how to take it forward
A huge fan of his blog. He is a sales guru and knows the pulse of his prospects so well. Karmesh never shies away from venturing into the uknown.
Sandeep Roy
Film maker and Editor
Karmesh mentored me for Sales. With his practical and simple ideas, I was able to connect with a lot of potential Customers and also closed deals in a short period of time.
He also advised me on when to say No to a client or never Pursue clients that don't fit the BANT rule. It is because of Karmesh, I have come out of my comfort zone and starting meeting or talking to new people - 1 each day. This has helped me overcome the fear of meeting and talking to new people. His blogs are filled with value bombs and practically applicable. He also helped me with introductions and opened his network for me. He has been instrumental in shaping up my Sales Skills. I am still learning and always fall back on karmesh for his valuable advise. Thank you Karmesh!! --
" I was looking to launch my business and I was thankful of reaching out to Karmesh. There was all actionable stuff and his hand holding gave me micro success which led me to go live."
Dhiren Thaker
Consumer Activist
" For 11 years I was looking for a guide who can take my sales and growth numbers to a certain height. Coming from a product development and technical background, my sales knowledge was questionable.

Karmesh laid down a revival blue print for my cyber security business to the most minutest details. I will be ever thankful to his guidance and strategic inputs".
Karmeish showed me to rethink our sales strategies, sales funnel, and social media handles. The examples given were relatable and easy to understand. The conversation was very instrumental in giving me an insight into how to use social media for business growth. This is to appreciate Karmeish's spirit to help entrepreneurs like me with their expertise and guidance in growth, and expansion by means of social media marketing, and creative marketing strategies.