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How to make money from blogging with 2 kids at your heels

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You can’t ignore affiliate marketing yet

Online Earning through Blogging

This is an inspirational blog by my good old friend of 22 years and the mother of two naughty kids, Debidutta Mohanty. She has been blogging since the last couple of years and her efforts are now yielding fruits — she has started making money off writing and blogging with the kids at her heels.

You can find her blog womb2cradlenbeyond here

Here is Debi’s journey of a mom blogger.

I started my blogging journey when I was in the middle of handling twin infants all by myself. Doing all the chores involved right from feeding alternately every two hours to changing nappies to rocking them to sleep etc the list can go on and on. Being a corporate lass, always had the desire to have more in my plate, that gave me adrenaline kick. In spite of being a busy mom, I still felt that emptiness . Being just a mom, wife, daughter or daughter-in-law was not enough for me. I badly craved for financial independence that I had when I was a bread earner too.

The burning desire of earning from home and to have my own identity lead me to give birth to my third child “WOMB2CRADLENBEYOND”, my blog.

Today, I not only earn a regular income from my blog but have also created a buzz in the blogging world. Last month, WOMB2CRADLENBEYOND managed to rank at 27th among the Top 100 Best Mom Blogs of 2020 that every mom needs to read.

Your Blog could be your side business but before you enter the waters of minting money you need to create your own tribe. A tribe that trusts you, confides you and looks up to you for solution.Before I spill the beans of how to monetize your blog, I would love to do a quick recap of the laws of blogging that you should follow blindly.

Sacrosanct Laws of Blogging

1. Have a Niche

Building or sticking to a niche is very important. When I embarked the journey of blogging I was unaware of this word and hardly knew its importance. Niche in layman’s language is to do something that you are good at or passionate about. It could be recipes, parenting tips, blogging tips etc sharing something that could add value to the readers.

Basically, establishing your authority in a particular field. So stick to only one or relevant topics that you think you can add value to your readers.

2. Be consistent

Nothing works instantly the moment you start. It takes time and effort to reach pinnacle or get recognition. Be consistent in making your presence in digital space. You can start doing it weekly or bi-weekly . Start slowly but make your presence by posting regularly there should be a pattern . Don’t do randomly .

3. Develop networking

This is one of the most important aspect of blogging .Getting connected with like minded people can not only boost your morale but also help you in bagging collabs both barter as well as paid. It can bring new opportunities at your doorstep. More links more opportunities if your work is original and good.

4.Content is the King

Finally, of all the laws one which rules dominantly is your content that you serve on your plate.It should be authentic, useful and attention grabber.

Abiding above laws or Rules help your blog to draw organic traffic for sure. Once you know that you have a community or your own tribe. You can slowly start monetizing your blog through the following ways.

5 Ways of Earning Online

1. Affliate marketing

This is one of the best way of earning passive and regular income. Basically, you earn when you are even sleeping. Affliate Marketing means you promote other people’s product or service for a fixed commission. When you recommend a product to someone and if he buys from the link that you have sent then you earn a commission. Say a product is priced at Rs1000 and someone buys the product from your recommended link then you earn a commission of say 10% of the price ie. your earning is Rs100 from the purchase made by your friend.

I have been associated with Amazon Affliate Programand have been earning a passive income . They are one of the best. Moreover, this program works for bloggers, You tubers and influencers for almost all the niches.

All you have to do is get started by signing up for their Affliate Program. Apart from Amazon several other brands and companies also offer Affliate programs which are equally good.

2.Brand reviewing /Brand Promotion in Social Media

Just writing a blogpost doesn’t help, marketing it, is equally important on Social Media. Every social media works differently try creating your base in one. If you are a newbie start reviewing brands and give your unbiased opinion .By doing this you can allure genuine readers as well as brands. Instagram is the most trending way to earn through barter or paid collaboration. Influencers earn really well through this Social Media.

Apart from Social Media there are other community forums that offers you good collab opportunities. My niche revolves around motherhood as well as infertility. It’s little more than a year I have been writing for Mompresso, Women’s web, Baby Chakra and have have bagged several collabs from the above mentioned platforms.

Last year, I had earned close to Rs.41,000 on Mompresso itself . I am happy to share the screenshot here. I was receiving a regular cash flow of Rs.4000/ month close to a year in my bank account.

My Mompresso Earning

All you have to do is select such forums and start writing . Few bloggers write for Make my trip, Zomato as per their niche. You can earn either in cash or discount coupons.

3.Freelance Content writing

There are several Facebook pages and groups were people post about freelance content writing opportunities. You can directly pitch in and bag the opportunity in your favour.

Promoting your blogposts in Social media like Twitter helps to bag few freelance content writing opportunities. Last year, I had bagged an International paid Collab from a Californian company to write a promotional post for them.

Tip — If you want to establish yourself as a freelancer in content writing then be vigilant in platforms that regularly provides such opportunities. Internshala Trainings, is one, a very good platform for students who want to earn before they bag a permanent job for them. Even home makers can also apply here .You can earn upto 10,000–15,000 per month from one opening itself. Moreover, you can apply for several openings at one go as per your interests. They provide content writing opportunities for an array of fields both technical as well as non-technical.


Ebooks are easy to publish and anyone can do it. Anyone can start with an ebook, print paper copies and record audio versions. On other hand traditional publishing is slow, difficult and the commissions are razor thin.

Amazon Kindle is a great platform to publish your ebook all by yourself. There are video guides, templates and other promotional strategies to help you out . You need not be a tech savvy person to do it.

Last year, I had the opportunity to write a novella and publish it as an ebook and had sold more than 20 copies in first couple of months that too without any promotion. You can also upload your ebooks in Flipkart but my experience says Amazon Kindle is unmatchable.

5. Email-marketing

Basically, in this you try to promote and market your product or service to your readers through email list that you have. The readers who subscribe your blog is through their mail id so you can approach your followers individually and directly unlike You tube,Facebook or Twitter.

There are several email service provider like Mailchimp, Aweber, Active campaign that have the basic functionality of sending out emails to all your subscribers at the same instance and are really good to go. You can generate leads, connect and set up auto-responders and send out an email to your entire list.

I am slowly building up my email list and yet to explore this option fully. But this is one of the most efficient and trust worthy channels of generating leads that have the potential to be converted.

Hope, this post rendered you a basic guide to digital space through blogging and how you can be financially independent.

Disclaimer : This post is not a sponsored post but a guide to those who want to explore various channels to earn online that can generate a regular and passive income.

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