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How I got featured in Side Hustle School Podcast

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The secret was non-intense visualization..

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It was a cloudy morning with all the possibilities of a huge downpour in Mumbai, I guess sometime in July 2017.

Around 7:45am, as usual I was setting my podcast in the phone and at the same time getting ready to launch myself into the crowded Mumbai local trains.

Since 2016 I have been listening to 4 of my favorite podcasts each, come rain or shine.

  1. John Lee Dumas — EO fire
  2. Andrew Werner — Mixergy
  3. the $100MBA show by Omar Zehnom and
  4. The Side Hustle School by Chris GUILLEBEAU!!

I always wondered what does it take to get featured and interviewed by these online legends.

I didn’t practice visualization daily, the way lot of gurus teach us but somewhere deep in my desires, this thought was getting germinated.

I thought to myself, you got to be somebody, someday to be invited.

2020 March, his team reach out to me by getting to know my story.

Below are the show notes from the podcast.

You can also listen to the podcast here.

Episode 1277

Karmeish Ghosh was working as the Head of Sales and Business Development at a steel company in India. The company contracts some business activities to third party services, which in this case meant helping to create jobs for hundreds of rural women in India.

Although Karmeish was seasoned in the field, every once in a while he had a question. Naturally, he turned to Google for the answer.

Through looking for answers on how to get more clients for his employer, he found that countless others were asking the same questions on the website Quora. So, Karmeish began to answer any questions that he knew he could help with. More than anything, he wanted to support others in this specific field.

He never imagined that Quora would turn into a “funnel” of networking, but soon an outpouring of connection requests flooded his LinkedIn account! Karmeish had provided such helpful advice that people wanted to stay connected with him.

So, in January of 2017, he made his first move to start getting clients. Karmeish purchased 100 business cards and booked his first breakfast meet and greet with Business Networking International. It was there that he introduced himself as the Chief Sales Officer for Karmaworks Consulting, his brand new company.

At that event, he booked his first two clients-and left with a deal for $1,000. From there, Karmeish decided to focus on three target audiences. This included introverted techie founders struggling with sales, founders who didn’t have sales and marketing systems in place yet, and finally, people who had the money but didn’t know the go-to market strategy.

Investing time into the needs of those specific markets paid off. In his first year, Karmeish made $3,100 in revenue and only spent $140 on his business. And you guessed it … most of those expenses came from designing and printing those business cards.

The next year, in 2018, he decided that he needed a website. He purchased along with some web hosting services. Karmeish planned to write and use his blog to educate his potential clients and create some authority in his niche. Unfortunately, he didn’t put as much energy in the business as the year before and his sales dipped.

Although Karmeish is now making good money from his volunteer venture, he hasn’t forgotten the philanthropic origins of Karmaworks. He still gives free coaching and one-on-one calls. He loves the strategy of, “Giving 90% of my stuff for free and charging a premium for the rest.”

He’s learned that a side hustle is like a plant. As he says, “we need to nurture it everyday else or it will die off”. So, moving forward, he plans to continue creating online courses, working closely with his clients, and providing free resources wherever he can.


Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!

Yours in the revolution,

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