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Hacks to make Facebook work like Linkedin

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Hacks to make Facebook work like Linkedin helps you to let people know who you are and if you “mean business”.

There is no point writing about what Facebook is and what role it plays in our personal lives and businesses. It’s a deep blue ocean of people and their data. Facebook, in my opinion, started the trend of “over-communicate”.

The whole universe keeps complaining about Facebook and ironically keeps featuring in one of the must-dos of all Gurus’ advice to stay away from it.

Lets see why Facebook is demonized

  1. its a time sucker
  2. people stalk
  3. you get sucked into a loop
  4. cat pictures and dog videos
  5. promotes narcissist behavior

Let’s look at some words to describe Linkedin as a brand

  1. serious
  2. professional
  3. uptight
  4. business
  5. knowledge

I wanted to focus my time and energy on productivity and learning and hence didn’t want Facebook to be left behind in my desktop and mobile phone app basket.

Facebook is a highly lucid and intelligent platform, and all we have to do is to “teach” FB to behave the way we would like and slowly you would find Facebook seated along with Pocket, Linkedin, Podcast Addict, Simple Mindmaps, Feedly, and Medium.

Let’s look at 5 hacks to teach FB to behave like LI

Change your Timeline settings:

Two option that would make your news feed more business worthy are “Prioritize who to see first” and “Discover pages that match your interests”

1. Newsfeed

once preferences are changes, the news feed would look clean and show you only stuff that you would like to see. The example in my case, I like stories from Enterpreneur, Inc, Forbes and other Digital marketing gurus hence I get to see posts from them only and none of my friends and their friends. It’s clean.

2. Facebook Ad settings

Get ads that actually target your interests and profession. It’s easy to set the ad settings and get FB to work for you. Not all ads are bad, there are many that we add value to what we are doing.

3. Groups

Deliberately choose Facebook groups of your own interest and liking. Stay away from groups where that feels “spammy”

The trick is here to choose quality over quantity. Choose groups with people who share content and can help you grow.

4. Saved Articles

After you have “cleaned” up your timeline setting, group info, and ad settings, it’s time to build great content in your repository.

Saved articles section works like Pocket or Read Later. You can go back anytime and see links, videos, and posts saved for your future reference.

5. Your Bio

This is where you let people know who you are and if you “mean business”.

When people land on your page, they should get a glimpse of your professional and personal life. Give relevant information like the way you would do it in Linkedin. I generally avoid selfies and other personal stuff splashed all over since I want people to “do business” with me.

Modify using the best of your judgment keeping in mind your own personal brand identity.

There are many more hacks however hoping that these are good for starters. To learn more about social media read this The Underdog of Lead Generation tools: WhatsApp

Let me know what you think.

Twitter: @karmawork


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