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A simple funnel using Facebook Ads that does the job

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I used it to launch my first online course

I conducted my live webinar in August 2019 and the topic was “Getting BPO Clients”.

Using a non-fussy, non technical and easy-to-deploy funnel, which is technically a set of steps when properly executed gave me the desired results.

Facebook Ads was the secret sauce in the entire curry!

And this was my first time taking a stab at this tool. So if I could, you can too.

Before you launch your funnel, make sure you understand your audience and know their pain areas.

Below are the exact same steps I created to get 200 signups within 7 days, 80 people joining the webinar and 6 people pay for it.

I set up a random budget of less than $60 to spend on FB. Since it was my first time, my cost per lead was $0.50 however I am sure it will come down with practice and better optimization.

The Set up

I created a powerful presentation of 12 slides in (Google Slides), which I was confident of not boring them to death.

The strategy was to hold their attention for 25 minutes, open for questions and answers for 10–15 minutes and then wrap it up with my final pitch.

All done under an hour!

In my case I wanted lead generation for my live webinar, hence created a “digital product” in

The cover was designed with

The digital product was linked to a $0 payment page, where interested people can enroll.

Setting up FB ads

I used the FB ad manager page on web to set it up and the app on my android phone to track conversions.

Use Lead generation as your “objective” and set up a lead form.

Build a nice creative for your ads using Canva or

Be clear on the ad set for the campaign choosing the demography, age, location and interests for your audience

Set up budget and schedule.

Download the Facebook Ads app to track analytics

Promotion time

Email marketing

I reached out to my existing blog subscribers and other readers over email and asked them to sign up using the Instamojo link.

Feel free to use your version of an email service provider.

Gmail would do just fine; I used MailChimp though.


I reached out to my existing blog subscribers and other readers over WhatsApp and asked them to sign up using the Instamojo link.

I have groups segregated into audiences and also have broadcasts set up for people who want privacy.

Facebook groups

Used the same Instamojo link to promote in my familiar groups and wherever I had participation or contribution

Ditto with Facebook messenger

Quora answers

I have a fair amount of traction at Quora so it made sense for me to promote the webinar Instamojo link wherever relevant (no spray and pray please).


The whole process can be automated using either or Integromat in the following sequences:

  1. Collecting leads from Instamojo dashboard page and sending them welcome email to your webinar
  2. Collecting leads from Facebook lead forms and sending them welcome emails
  3. Set up automation for reminders to potential attendees.
  4. Put all the leads into a Google Sheet.

AV tools

I used (paid)for video Conferencing, web conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing to conduct my live webinar.

Buy Zoom meetings so that you can conduct the webinar for any duration, manage as many participants etc.

In the free zoom version you get only 40 minutes; made sense to take out my credit card.

Finally when the D-day arrived, I used a nice Weblogic camera to lighten up the room and look great.

Delivered the webinar with panache, had 40 people show up and ended up with 3 people paying $300 for my online course.

I recovered my FB ads expense and was ready to rinse and repeat next week !!

Karmesh, is a Side Hustling Dad, Intrapreneur, author and a blogger on unorthodox sales strategies for tech companies. Lives in Mumbai, loves food, fast bikes and cars.

Get his free E-guide on Getting BPO Clients — click HERE

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