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5 reasons why consulting is the best side business

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#1 is the best reason

Whether you can’t wait to turn your passion into a business or you are looking to broaden your skills outside of the 9-to-5 work, a side hustle is a leap you need to take.

A side hustle is a trend that is here to stay for the wealth of benefits that it offers. It has already caught up in countries like Canada, the United States of America, Spain and now India. Most people use the experience they have gained in their fields to start a consulting business on the side. With minimum investment, it can be a highly rewarding method of supplementing your income, boosting creativity, adding on new skill sets and building a wide pool of network.

Other than the extra bucks that you will earn, here are five reasons why consulting is the most lucrative and successful side hustle that people get into –

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# 1 Be your own boss

When you start consulting on the side, you are the CEO, the marketing manager, the business development executive, the project manager and everything else. It may seem like a lot initially, but if you can manage your time well, are efficient, productive, and know how to prioritize, then you can enjoy the luxury of being your own boss.

# 2 Develop — Practice — Apply critical skills

Consulting is a huge opportunity to learn new skills and gain real-life experiences. Professionalism, communication, organized and problem-solving are indispensable attributes picked up in the world of consulting and can be put to use at your full-time work too.

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# 3 Exposure to different industry spheres

You will find yourself becoming a ‘quick expert’ when you start working as a consultant in varied industries and projects. Lots of training and regular feedbacks will escalate the speed of your knowledge gain directly from mentors and industry professionals.

# 4 Make high-impact decisions

The ultimate objective of every consultancy is to create a positive impact on the client’s stakeholders. You will get a chance to interact with CEOs and executive team members directly and solve some of their most pressing issues. This means that whatever you say will affect the company and the bottom line directly.

# 5 Widen your pool of network

Consultancy involves team work which eventually develops close ties and strong relationships with your teammates. These are highly networked, smart and A-type personality individuals that can be your ladder to success in the long run.

If you are just looking to make some extra cash with a side business, then I would say think again! Consulting offers great opportunities to learn, to travel, and to gain lifelong mentors. With the security of having your full-time work, consulting can be less intimidating to begin with. Test your idea and invest in yourself with consulting.

Start small, structure your time, and have a plan in place. If you can find motivation in becoming a self-starter with the power to help senior executives take life-changing decisions, then consulting is the right choice for you.

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