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4 proven reasons why you need email extractors

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# 2 Save time and hit your numbers faster

Success is nothing but access. Access to people, opportunities and knowledge

How to generate leads using email extractors.

You could be a freelancer or a sales rep or a side hustler, you will need to generate leads to make a living.

One of the things that is still relevant is an email id–it has withstood the test of time, social media and zillions of other communication forms.

I love anything that does the job and saves me time for my side hustle.

Email extractors have turned out to be one of the ‘come in handy’ software for marketers; it helps businesses in extracting email addresses and contacts from the wave of prospects.

These applications hand over email list of prospects to you and clear out ways for sending out emails for a legit marketing campaign.

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Jumping on to reasons and the tools that I love..

Reason # 1 You need to have a multipronged strategy

If you have an inbound marketing strategy, great! But you need to deploy an outbound strategy as well.

Reach out to right people that you want to work with . And email marketing is the answer and will continue to be marketer’s favorite tool.

There are tons of strategies on using lead magnets and landing pages to get someone’s email id.

The problem with working with people that we want is information is not readily available– like phone number or email id.

We will solve this problem using email extractors.

Reason # 2: Save time and hit your numbers faster

Back in 2007 -08 we were like the WWII pilots, welding our machine guns onto our planes, and going for our kills.

In order to find an email of a decision maker was a huge task–we had to literally wrestle around and use our creativity to find that simple piece of information.

Gone are those days. This is the age of automation and outsourcing.

With the tools mentioned find bulk emails or a single email happens like a breeze.

Reason # 3: Create a list of gold

Email extractors help you to create targeted and segmented lists.

If you are a freelance writer, you might want to create relevant lists of publishers, VP of content marketing , head of publishing etc.

Email extractors like help you create lists which saves neatly all the decision makers in your dashboard.

This is how you should use these email extractors

  1. Go to bulk LinkedIn searches and extract them all
  2. Go to individual LinkedIn profiles and extract email id
  3. Go to your target company’s website and extract all the email ids of the decision makers

Reason # 4: They have great ROI

The pricing of these extractors make it so attractive that spending on them doesn’t pinch you.

Let’s say, I have 1000 contacts of startup founders and CEOs. And I have a $500 product.

With a 5% conversion rate and I can sell 50 units from that list alone. Meaning $250,000 into my bank!

How much did I pay for the tool? $40

Are you still doing the math? You may stop–it’s a no brainer simply put.

I use some more tools, go ahead and click below

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My Recommended List of Email ID Extractors

When I started on my business, Email Extractors were always a ‘priority’. They are widely used for churning out numbers of potential clients and their contact records including individual emails.

There are hoards of options to go for.

But for now, we’re only talking about ‘The best’ on my list…

  1. Get Prospect
  4. Voila Norbert

1. Get Prospect

This one tops our email extractor list for various reasons.

Although it may appear as a simple B2B lead generation tool, focusing mostly on LinkedIn leads and prospects but it works the best for Sales teams hustling with outbound lead generation in addition to marketing teams that are on a search for email list build up.

The features are designed so that it becomes easier for the users to find and handle prospects, online.

The main offerings include B2B lead finder, prospect interface, verification of leads and lead export when it comes to Linkedin records.

The search tool helps in finding prospect details along with managing existing leads. Verifying lead authenticity while exporting extracted leads to the form of documents is another reason to go for it.

The free plan allows users up to 100 extracted emails a month and for the other plans from starter ($49/month for 1000 extractions) to Basic ($99/month for 5009 requests), Plus ( $199/month for 20,000) and Pro ( $399/month for 50,009 monthly extractions) it has different paid subscriptions.

Copy paste this URL: to get 200 email ids extracted for Free instead of 100

Use code : Mvwe1


Email prospecting is a profoundly reliable aspect for businesses and automates the entire process of cold outreach.

All you have to do is scan the obtained domain (s) and import them on the user dashboard. From email tracking to managing leads and prospects and outreach automation, handles it all.

The software comes as dynamic, robust and comprehensive marketing software that elevates conversion rates for good. It works best for SDRs, BDRs, Sales reps and also marketing specialists.

In an affordable pocket pinch, you’ll be getting all in all email finder along with bulk domain options, an email tracking module that comes with real-time notification and activity log for your recipients and also you will be able to automate your market outreach

Although the free trial allows only 50 credits a month the S plan costs only $39 a month for 1000 credits. There are also M ($69 for 5,000 monthly credits), L($129 for 20,000 monthly credits), XL ($199 for 50,000 monthly credits) and Custom plans (varies with business needs) available for users.


Hunter is the most popular tool regarding this setting, right now. When you have so many business names to scrape and too little time in hand, Hunter is likely to be the one-stop solution to go for.

As a chrome plugin, it has features from Domain search tool to the aid for your selling pipeline to email finder and verifier to know if the email you have is going to bounce or not.

The bulk finder for email automates your search when you already hold a list of leads. leads avails you with bootstrapping within its CRM built platform and outreach, which is the best feature the software has to offer for crafting email templates and speeding up your outreach process. offers free services up to 100 searches a month. Past that you need to pay $49/month for the starter up to 1000 searches. There is also Growth plan that includes 5,000 searches for $99 a month, Hunter pro plan comes with 20,000 a month at $199 and Enterprise of 50,000 searches for $399/month.

4. Voila Norbert

In addition to working as an email verifying platform, it also offers API verification for PHP, Python, Ruby, .Net, etc.

It appears as a chrome extension along with key features that include bulk email finder, email verification tools, API search, additional integrations with other platforms like Hubspot, Drip and more with only a few clicks.

When you’re typing a whole name of a person or a company, Voila Norbert will deliver you their respective email addresses and additionally it will provide their LinkedIn handles and Social Media links too and in that sense, this software stands out among others on our list.

Building up a valuable database gets effortless with this solution, plus it comes with its own user interface, so no more add-ons for you.

Along with a free trial pack for the first time users for 50 credits a month Voila Norbert also offers multiple subscription plans. The valet plan starts with only $39 for 1000 leads a month while the Butler plan avails 5000 monthly leads for $79 only (quite less in compared to its competitors). Other two plans Advisor (15,000 monthly leads at $199) and Counselor (50,000 leads for $399/month) are also available according to the user’s needs.

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In closing..

Go ahead and create your laser focused outbound campaign to generate leads. Work with people you love and have fun in the process.

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