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How I found a gold mine for $1

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“We shall get what we quest for”

On my quest to have my life shaped up, very intentionally going through my regular list of motivation and personal development doses, bumped into some content that left me spellbound. It baffled me as to why such precious pearls were on sale for the prices of rocks!

Gratitude to that they had a promotional offer of getting a Jim Rohn audio file of close to an hour at $ !!! Obviously, I didn’t think much before signing up, however had my apprehensions that it was one of those sign-ups to maybe a bigger coaching program. My $1 gave me an audio file which I listened to, re-listened and took notes eventually.

The man who got paid a million dollars for speaking on a stage for a couple of hours now spoke to me directly and was gifting me jewels from his treasure trove. I took it as my duty to share this with all and coming from Jim himself that “we are on this world to be of service to others and nothing else”, I am happy to have scribbled this. He spoke about getting prepared for the 21st century.

  1. Learn more than 1 skill and 1 language: The 21st century according to Jim is of “unprecedented opportunities” and to take the fullest advantage we must have more than 1 skill and learn more than 1 language. How true, especially for all of those who just emerged out of recessions and depressions, a 2nd skill and an additional could have saved them breaking down, losing hope and those suicides. Are we prepared for the next worst thing?
  2. Attract and not pursue: Success is to be attracted by the “person that we become” and not to be pursued after. We become “somebody” when we chase large goals and bigger dreams. We shall always be rewarded more by the marketplace if we are of greater value to our peers and organizations than what we are paid for. “Work hard on yourself than your job”
  3. Our attitude determines our income, not the economy: The kind of person we are determines, how are journey would be and with what intensity are we charging towards our goals. Regardless of any economic circumstance the tough and the smart would outlive the “economy-whiners” and the mediocre ones. It’s the ability of a person to make the best of a situation that decides the success of the endeavor when they learn from the past and look forward to the future.
  4. All pain gives rise to something new: Jim had an analogy of a mother taking labor pains to bring a new life into this world, which is so beautiful and life changing. Our decision to push ourselves beyond what is usual, will get us something better and something new that would be worthwhile. He says “We have to endure 2 kinds of pain in our lives — the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Your choice”
  5. Success is a numbers game: Don’t get stuck into a role for too long, just like in our schools, it’s a year that we are allowed to be in that grade, that’s it! Keep growing out of your own zones, pushing and plowing through what lies ahead, making yourself uncomfortable and in the process, you are becoming somebody that you weren’t yesterday. How beautiful!

He goes on to speak about what a “lifestyle” is supposed to be. The ultimate essence of life is to have to lived it well, he says and some components of a good life are i. to produce to the maximum of one’s ability ii. collect good friends only iii. leave behind a heritage for our children and iv. study, practice and teach spirituality and v. take special care of the “inner circle” which has our parents, friends and spouse.

Lastly, he suggests that we ask ourselves “Why”, “Why not you” and “Why not NOW”. In a world of “content” where there are gurus freely available, these pearls of wisdom at $1 could be billions of dollars in latent value. If we dont use them in our lives and get to work on them, unfortunately, they would be of no value. And if we decide to take them to our souls, they become priceless. Value lies with the buyer, I guess.

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